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Biohacking with Dr. Jody
Sunday, July 28th @4pm

Unlock the potential of your body & mind at our spectacular educational biohacking event. Dr. Jody will introduce you to biohacking tools from ingredients you have in your kitchen to supplementation with an advanced delivery system, and new technologies for optimal health and longevity.

Dive deeper into:
1.    Things right under your nose in the kitchen that heal and maintain homeostasis
2.    Biohacking skincare methods
3.    Endocrine and neurology advancements
4.    Innovative peak performance technology and work out strategies

Whether you're interested in glowing skin, sharper focus, peak physical performance, or metabolic balance, this event promises to redefine what's possible in biohacking with little investment. Join us for an inspiring journey towards achieving your optimal self!


Price: $20


To book click HERE

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