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For the body's balance and cleansing.


The human body is electric because our cells are electric. Disorders and diseases of the body have vibrational frequencies that are incompatible with healthy cells, thus they disrupt the natural cell oscillation and polarity. This disruption creates imbalance and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced they are unable to facilitate the body's functions needed for healing, including ridding itself of heavy metals, parasites, and other toxins. But when cells are fully charged, they have more oxygen and are able to experience electrical balance, which results in a healthier attitude, more vitality and a feeling of well being. 

Ionic foot bath benefits:

  • Liver detoxification

  • Purge of heavy metals

  • Increased energy and reduced stress

  • Internal cleansing

  • Pain relief

  • Improved memory and sleep

  • Enhanced immune system

Ionic Foot Bath

1 treatment - $75

4 treatments - $200

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