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Rife Frequency

Low electromagnetic frequency waves

Image by Jan Huber

Everything is energy. Every physical and non-physical is energy. These energies vibrate at different levels. Each individual energy has its own energy vibratory rate. The vibratory rate of an apple or heart cell, for instance, is different from the vibratory rate (or frequency) of an orange or lung cell, just as the frequency of a bacteria is different from the frequency of a fungus.


In the 1920s, Dr. Royal Rife developed a technology based on these specific vibratory rates. By increasing the intensity of the specific frequency of a living microbe, the microbes distorted and totally disintegrated.


 Every molecule in the universe has its own individual resonant frequency. Over many decades of intense research, frequencies specific to herpes, spinal meningitis, influenza, Lyme disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and an immense number of other conditions have been identified and captured in Rife Technology.


We are not treating your disease but allowing your immune system potential to respond in a more efficient and effective way towards dis-ease.

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Rife Frequency Therapy

1 session - $75

4 sessions - $200

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