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Quantum Healing and Bio-energetics

“The New Frontier For Wellness”

The cutting edge Provision Scanning Technology allows you
to SEE your energy field and the distortions that
need to be restored and the technology to restore it. Mind, body and spirit .

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Analyze and correct your state of wellness by addressing the 3 critical factors for health within your body:

  • The energy that flows

  • The information that is created, distributed and regulated

  • The physiology​​


NES Health involves a software program that scans the human body field and shows a revealing whole-being scan to assess your body-field energy system and identify the distortions in energy and information flow. This means these areas are not receiving the information to function correctly. It’s like when you are on your cell phone and you hear every other word. The body will have to work a lot harder and longer to interpret and get the job done.  It is based on the acupuncture model and much more.  It shows how these energy field imbalances manifest and also lists vaccination, viral, bacterial links, etc. It deals with and affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. This treatment is already done in Europe on a much bigger scale.  I am one of a few to introduce bioenergetics to our area.


RE-ASSESS  – Using the cutting-edge MiHealth Provision system immediately see your energy fields and the distortions that need to be restored. In just 30 seconds hundreds of pieces of energetic data are collected about you.

RE-JUVENATE – The MiHealth device provides healing within minutes to rejuvenate the body’s energy, release trigger points and correct energy flow.  This hand held PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) device, which releases energy blockages, stimulates trigger points and brings your body’s oscillations back to normal, allowing the important information delivered by the NES infoceuticals to flow properly to where it is needed

RE-IMPRINT – Once you get the body scan and get the readings it is time for the healing. This involves energy medicine called Infoceuticals. They are liquid energetic remedies that have been “imprinted” with bio-information (data) to directly correct distortions in your body-field and restore your body’s inherent self-healing capabilities.

REMOTE HEALING ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE - The home NES Wellness System allows me to remotely scan your body field so that you can remain within the comfort of your own home.  Through a phone conversation or face time I can give report of findings. An email of the report will be sent to you along with the specific Infoceutical protocol you will follow for the correction.

To Book Contact the Center

MiHealth Scan (scan only, to find out emotional shock conflict) – $75

NES Health Scan + Consultation (to go over the scan) - $125

NES Health Full Scan and Report of Findings (includes 2 MiHealth Therapy Sessions) – $250

NES Child Scan - $50

NES Health Remote Scan + Consultation - $125

(NES scanner required for remote scans. Available to purchase for $60. Can be used for future remote scans)

Infoceuticals - $30

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