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Kim M.

" My husband and I both had profound healings after our EE System sessions. My husband had to cut his blood pressure medication in half for the first time in 6 years!. I have stomach issues, fibromyalgia and fatigue. The inflammation in my stomach has gone way down. The fibromyalgia pain has eased and my energy is much better! "


" The lymphedema in my right arm has improved and the swelling has done considerably after 1 session. It has continued after after 4 sessions and my arm is pain free. 

My blood count which I have checked each month due to cancer/medication has also improved. The doctor told me there wasn't anything I could do to help my blood count but after my EE Sessions there has been improvement. I have no side effects from the medication since I started the EE Sessions, no more fatigue, depression, nausea, brain fog. I feel great!


" I loved my sessions I had at the center and Dr. Jody's adjustments as well!! I loved how sweet and kind Dr. Jody was and the high vibe and integrity she carries and brings to her services. I look forward to having more appointments at the center! "

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